When you move across cities or countries even for a few months, you want your space to be functional and comfortable. So, what do you do? Buy new items of furniture and hope to resell (at a dramatic loss) or throw away in a few months!

Oxfurnished saves the day for those that need items of furniture temporarily. Buy and own a desk, mirror or any other item at affordable prices. When you are done, we will buy back these items from you at 10% of the Initial Purchase Price. We offer flexible packages, delivery and collection services

Whether it is a room, flat or house, we are here to turn the Unfurnished into Oxfurnished. The new way of owning furniture!

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A Simple Process

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Furniture Removal

Bye to Waste

You do not have to throw items away when you cannot find a buyer or pay for waste collection. When you are done using these items, we will collect them!

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Less for More

We know that you have other things to do with your money. That is why we are completely deposit-free! Enjoy the use of quality items at an affordable price.

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Ultimate Flexibility

Receive items in as little as one day and use them for as long as you need. You can buy single or multiple items with no minimum order requirement!

Choose Oxfurnished

How does this work?


Simply click on the 'Buy' section. Select the perfect piece(s) from our range of quality furniture.  Buy the products only for the length of time required. When the products are no longer needed, sell the products back to us and we will collect them.

Is the price per month?


Yes, the price listed is per month unless otherwise stated. Click the drop-down bar of each item to see the price for the number of months that you require. 

For how long can I own the items?


The items are yours to own for as many months as you have selected at the time of purchase.

Do I have to pay a deposit?


No, we are completely deposit-free. However, you will be obliged to verify your identity and address before or at the time of delivery.  

How much is delivery and collection?


Standard delivery and collection of items is just £5.50. This does not include items such as sofas and beds.  At the moment, we only deliver to OX1, OX2, OX3 and OX4. 

What is your returns policy?


If  something is wrong or you do not like the items, send us a message and we will try our best to replace the items. Where this is not possible, you may be eligible for a refund. For more information, see our Terms and Conditions.

Do you buy used items?


Yes. If you have any quality items of furniture for sale, please send us a message. We will arrange for pick-up at no additional cost. 

Are your prices cheaper?


Yes, we pride ourselves on being an affordable option for students and young professionals. So you can be sure to get fantastic prices!

What happens if I damage an item?


Whilst you own the item, it is your duty to repair the item. If you contact us via info@oxfurnished.com, we may be able to suggest repair tradesmen. You may also benefit from the manufacturers guarantee. 

How old are the items you sell?


Currently, all items in stock are new. If we advertise items that have been used, this will be reflected on the ERV- Estimated Retail Value.


All of our furniture are carefully selected and we only provide top quality items. Where the items are not brand new, they will always be in excellent condition.

Do you sell electronic items?


At the moment, we do not offer electronic items such as microwaves, fans, rice cookers or printers for sale If this is something that you would like, please drop us a message here.

I cannot find the items that I want? 


If you cannot find the items that you want, we may be able to source these for you. Chat with us or let us know at info@oxfurnished.com.

Can I pay monthly?


It is our aim to provide the most convenient way of furnishing your home. As we are a small business, we are at the moment unable to take payments on a monthly basis. 



Our ecosystem

We pride ourselves as being a part of a responsible and sustainable eco-system. It is not just about money for us, it is about changing the world in our own little way. 
We are a female and student-owned enterprise and proud of three major initiatives that make a difference.
First, we promote the circular economy by employing upcyclers and drivers. Upcyclers who help us transform old items that would otherwise be dumped and wasted and our drivers help us to get the items to your doorstep.
Second, we assist low income students who need help furnishing their space. Please email info@oxfurnished.com for more information.
Third, we have partnered with The Ganglion Initiative, a non-governmental organisation to donate classroom furniture to schools in Nigeria. For every 10 desks and chairs bought, we donate 1 desk and chair to help a child learn in a conducive environment!

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